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No Time for Dinner

(post, Trista Cornelius)

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My man and I both work a lot.  We love to work.  We love our jobs.  We're not workaholics, of that I am sure, and yet I couldn't tell you how we differ.  I've always thought it both practical and important that he and I either make dinners together, or trade off nights, and that we sit down to a homemade meal together most nights of the week.  

Well, lately, for various reasons, that's not happening.  No time, home too late, not enough energy, and some days, the worst thing of all for me--no motivation.

So, what happens?

Lots of take out and eating out, which as we all know, is not good for the wallet or the flabby thighs.  Another byproduct of take out is all the trash, much of it recyclable, but briefly used material none the less.  

If we make a big meal on Sunday, maybe a pot of beans, we can turn that into quick homemade dinners for a night or two.  Even this, however, is getting challenging.  

So, what to do?  I need advice.