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 h1. Dear readers,
 Last week, like a thousand other people, I attended the IACP — International Association of Culinary Professionals — confab in Portland. What a great gathering of impassioned, hungry, and fun-loving people! 

 There were sessions on charcuterie, farming, seafood, and social media. There was a James Beard walk, a James Beard talk, and a James Beard cocktail party. There were dinners and parties and food carts and coffee klatches — Portland-style (often involving Spella or VooDoo). There were food celebrities including Madhur Jaffrey, Thomas Keller, and Ruth Reichl. 

 My only disappointment was that I couldn't be everywhere at once.

 If you'd like to learn more about the event, check out these posts by attendees and folks behind the scenes: Sarah Henry, Michael Ruhlman, Michelle Stern, Sarah DiGregorio, and Louisa Neumann. 

 Finally, there's the official IACP flickr photostream, and the #IACP hashtag on Twitter.

 But even if a rehashing isn't your thing, take heart in knowing that for several days straight, hundreds of people who write about food,  promote it for a living, and passionately cook for others, were all in one place, helping one another to grasp the challenges we face in feeding ourselves — and how much we have to celebrate.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story2text: "Meg DesCamp's mother cooked for a family of 10. How? Coffee and mystery novels. Meg has it much more difficult." 

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recipe2text: "A taste of David Lebovitz's new book, 'Ready for Dessert.'"

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