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The Conscious Kitchen

(book, Alexandra Zissu)

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For anyone who has read The Omnivore’s Dilemma or seen "Food, Inc." and longs to effect easy green changes when it comes to the food they buy, cook, and eat, The Conscious Kitchen is an invaluable resource filled with real-world, practical solutions.
Alexandra Zissu walks readers through every kitchen-related decision with three criteria in mind: what’s good for personal health, what’s good for the planet, and what tastes great. Learn, among other things, how to:
 Keep pesticides, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients out of your diet
 Choose when to spend your dollars on organic fruit and when to buy conventionally grown
 Avoid plastic — including which kinds in particular and why
 Figure out which seafood is safe to eat and is sustainable
 Use COOL (country of origin labels) to your advantage
 Determine if a vegetable is genetically modified just from reading its PLU (price look-up) code
 Decipher meat labels in the supermarket
 Cook using the least energy — it's good for the earth and your wallet
 Eat locally, even in winter
 Understand what “natural” and other marketing terms really mean
* Buy packaged foods wisely

Navigate farmers’ markets, giant supermarkets, and every shop in between to find the freshest and healthiest local ecologically grown and produced meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables — no matter where you live. With The Conscious Kitchen as your guide, you will never again stand in the market bewildered, wondering what to buy. You can feel confident you are making the best possible choices for you, your family, and the planet.