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My Favorite Ingredients

(book, Skye Gyngell)

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Celebrated London chef and food writer Skye Gyngell creates dishes that naturally follow the ebb and flow of the seasons, taking advantage of the best produce as it becomes available. My Favorite Ingredients highlights some of the rich and beautiful foods that Gyngell loves to work with throughout the culinary year.

In this very personal collection of more than 100 recipes, Gyngell shares her sixteen best-loved ingredients — prime foods such as fish and shellfish, cheese, nuts, and grains; seasonal produce like asparagus, cherries, and tomatoes; and flavor enhancers like garlic, olive oil, and honey. Her extraordinary ability to combine components in a way that brings out their freshness and flavor result in dishes that are layered with light, clean, almost ethereal flavors.

Each chapter stars one delicious ingredient and offers diverse recipes based on a wide range of natural pairings. These dishes draw on Gyngell’s long-standing relationships with local suppliers and farmers to highlight unusual varieties of familiar staples like tomatoes, leafy greens, and vinegar that are well worth discovering. 

With a warm-hearted approach and attention to the senses, My Favorite Ingredients showcases the beauty and bounty that we find in nature — and helps us incorporate a bit of that natural abundance in our own kitchens.
Chickpea and Chard Soup
Chocolate Mousse