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The Cheater's Diet

(book, Marissa Lippert)

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Award-winning nutritionist and Glamour magazine columnist Marissa Lippert understands how hard it is to stick to a plan and eat a healthy diet. And she knows that if you aren't allowed to cheat, you won't want to stick to any type of plan. Here, finally, is a foolproof program for eating, cheating, and losing weight permanently.

You heard it from your mother many times: "Cheaters never win." And she was right. But in this case, cheaters always win, because winning means losing. Let Lippert teach you the art of cheating, and you'll be the biggest loser ever — up to 20 pounds in eight weeks. And that's just the beginning of the good news. You'll be the leanest, fittest, healthiest, and happiest you've ever been on a diet, because Lippert believes that life without guilty pleasures — including drinks (yes, alcohol) and desserts — just isn't worth living.

There are two kinds of cheats: the ones you do on purpose and, more frequently, the ones that catch you off guard. Whether you've binged on sweets, fatty foods, or booze, Lippert has the tools to help you spring into action and maximize cheating momentum. You'll feel better and healthier if you follow her plan, and you won't ruin the progress you'll make on The Cheater's Diet.

Getting a grip on your schedule is the first step to cheating: planning trips to the gym, stocking up on staples at the grocery store, deciding when to cook, and knowing when and how you'll likely cheat during the week. Will it be at your office happy hour on Wednesday or an indulgent dinner date on Thursday? Girl's night out on Saturday? Take your best shot; if the dinner date is at an incredible restaurant you've been dying to try, play it smart with lighter meals earlier in the week and hold out for the good stuff.

Lippert shows readers, in each of the eight weeks of the diet, how to shop, how to cook, and how to find the best of everything within your budget. The upshot is that eating the most delicious food — whether you're cheating or not, whether you're eating in or out — is the best way to stay satisfied and control your portions. You'll want to save the cheats for something that's worth it — not junk food from the snack machine, but the best red velvet cupcake you've ever had. Not house wine, but the best Pinot Noir you'll ever taste. The better the quality, the more you'll savor it, and the less you'll eat — and that's true of healthy food, too. Buy great bottles of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and suddenly salads won't be a punishment for a night of cheating. They'll feel like your naughty days.

Eight weeks, up to 20 pounds, and enjoying every minute of it. How can you beat that?