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Home cooking, away from home

(article, Culinate staff)

Love home cooking so much you'd be willing to pay for it? Unless you've been partying with your local underground supper clubs, you'll have to go to Italy to get in on the action. In his recent popular New York Times article about the Home Food movement, Matt Gross details how to get a meal like Mama still makes, including more pasta than even a skinny American kid can eat: 

bq. When we’d eaten as much as we possibly could (including two cakes, coffee, and liqueurs they’d made with 100 basil leaves, 200 rose petals, or a handful of gentian-violet roots), Salvatore led me into his study to look at pictures of his beloved grandchildren — and his blue 1961 Alfa Romeo — and smoke Toscano cigars.

bq. “Do you eat like this every day?” I asked between puffs.

bq. “Più o meno,” he said. More or less.