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iPad cooking tales

(article, Culinate staff)

Now that the iPad has left the warehouse and arrived in people's homes, the cooking curious have been wondering how it works in the kitchen. Chow likes the possibilities, but is underwhelmed by the number of recipe options — Epicurious (which, although Chow didn't say it, is impressive) and Big Oven stand out as the most prominent.

Meanwhile, Jill Donenfeld, writing at Huffington Post, takes a tip from Wired, which suggests protecting the iPad with a Ziploc bag while you cook. She also makes note of several other apps, including the cocktail-friendly DrinkPad.

A blogger at Foodista also liked the possibilities for the future, although not so much for shopping: Without wi-fi at the grocery store, the shopping list — so useful on an iPhone — was unavailable. 

If all else fails, you can take the Stephen Colbert approach to cooking with the iPad. But just be sure to use a Ziploc.