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My new Lunch Hang-Out

(post, Ed Terry)

It all comes down to taste.  If something tastes good, it will become part of anyone's diet.  The problem is that many things that taste great are not good for you.  Potato chips (acrylamide), Goldfish crackers (autolyzed yeast extract), spaghetti sauce (high-frutcose corn syrup), canned soups (monosodium glutomate) and even some breakfast cereals (BHA/BHT) all have some component that is unhealthy.

SweetGreens on P Street NW by Whole Foods is where I have found sustenance.  The salads are very fresh, local and tasty!  I had a couple soups (butternut squash and minestrone - also very good and when going with the frozen yogurt may I suggest blueberries, candied walnuts and fresh mint.  The salad runs $8 - 10, but it is a full, fresh and local meal.