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The Food of Italy

(article, Caroline Cummins)

One of a series of tall, glossy tomes featuring the various foods of the world (France, India, etc.), The Food of Italy looks like a mere photofest, but its recipes are actually solid, easy, and delicious. When you tire of ogling the book’s outdoor markets, coffee shops, and pasta vendors, prop it up (it’s a foot high, so be careful) and tackle one of its many classic recipes from around Italy: Milanese risotto, Roman gnocchi, Ligurian focaccia, Neapolitan pizza, Venetian rice pudding.


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The photos are unpretentious, and the directions are uncomplicated. And the editors sprinkle many little historical and cultural notes throughout the book, such as the supposed origin of tortellini (inspired by a woman’s navel). Don’t let this book gather dust on the coffee table; it belongs in the kitchen.

p(bio). Caroline Cummins is the managing editor of Culinate.

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