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Flat-Leaf Parsley. Impressive.

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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I’ve never been impressed by curly parsley. I first ate it as a curious kid at a restaurant trying to be fancy by using parsley as a garnish.  (It might have been a Long John Silvers.)  It was tasteless, it strangely tickled the roof of my mouth, and the small leaves lodged themselves between my teeth after a few chews.  Its relegation to garnish status made perfect sense.

As an adult, I was dismayed by how many recipes called for parsley. Was there a highly-funded pro-parsley conglomerate lobbying cookbook authors and publishers to include the insipid herb in their recipes?  But then, I found flat-leaf parsley.  It was zesty.  It had girth.  It was so hard to tell apart from cilantro.

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