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Jamie Oliver's message to America

(article, Culinate staff)

Next Friday, March 26, Jamie Oliver's new show premieres on ABC TV. Not familiar? This is the one that follows Oliver to Huntington, West Virginia — which has been called the unhealthiest city in America — to start his new cooking initiative. 

Here's Oliver describing his efforts in West Virginia at a recent TED talk (don't miss the impassioned activist/chef/entrepreneur dumping out a wheelbarrow full of sugar cubes onstage):


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Basically, Jamie Oliver is out to end obesity in America, and to start that effort, like Michelle Obama, he wants to educate American children about food. 

If you watch the clip of his show, or the TED talk, you can see that it's a highly emotional issue — for Oliver and the people he's working with. 

Finally, there's a petition for Jamie's Food Revolution USA. Head over to lend your support. 

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