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Culinate Newsletter March 17 10

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 One summer when I was a kid, my dad pulled over to the side of a road in Glacier National Park and herded us all out — to pick the Taraxacum officinale that carpeted the bank. No, it wasn't a mad scheme to weave dandelion chains; he wanted to make wine. 

 We hardly thought this was unusual; we were always stopping somewhere to pick Shaggy Manes or elderberries — so stopping to pluck weeds for wine was ordinary behavior on a trip with our botanist father.

 I realized when I read Tara Lohan's piece on urban foraging that my children haven't had very many of these experiences. Sure, we've gathered huckleberries on mountain trips and harvested mussels at the beach. But there's more food to be found nearby, like in the park a few blocks from our house. 

 Maybe this weekend is a good time to enlist their help: the nettles are just right for making Deborah Madison's Nettle Soup or maybe Jim Dixon's Frittatine di Ortica (aka "fried green things").

 And for those of you who'd rather grow your own? Check out Kim O'Donnel's chat tomorrow, with featured guest and gardener extraordinaire, Amy Pennington.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Dancing in the kitchen with Ellen Kanner — and her vegan recipe for Turkish millet."
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story2text: "What flavor manufacturers have to do with orange juice: An excerpt from Alissa Hamilton's book."

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recipe1text: "This Jamie Oliver recipe may be the perfect Sunday supper for beef lovers."
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recipe2text: "Cinnamon-chocolate-buttermilk cake topped with chocolate icing and pecans."

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