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Puff Pastry

(recipe, Anna Conley)



  1. 533 g bread flour
  2. 40 g cake flour
  3. 14 g salt
  4. 113 g butter, soft
  5. 270 ml water, cold
  6. Roll-In
  7. 510 g butter, pliable
  8. 57 g bread flour


  1. Combine the flours, salt, butter and water in the bowl of your mixer. Use the dough hook to blend on low speed until a smooth dough is formed. Line a half sheet pan with plastic wrap and a light dusting of flour. Roll the dough into a rectangle roughly the size of the sheet pan and place it into your prepared pan. Cover with plastic and chill for an hour.
  2. Prepare the roll-in by beating the cold butter with your rolling pin until it is soft and pliable. Add it to your mixer and beat in the flour using the paddle attachment. Transfer the butter to a sheet of parchment paper and form it into a smooth rectangle (no lumps or bumps) roughly half the size of the sheet of dough. Cover with plastic and chill until firm but still pliable (you don't want the roll in to become hard).
  3. Once the dough is chilled, you can preform the lock in.
  4. Remove the dough from the sheet pan and place onto a cool surface like a marble pastry slab. Place the butter at one end of the dough and then fold over the other half. Firmly seal the edges of the dough around the butter and then roll the dough out back to its original size (the size of the half sheet pan). Try to keep the edges straight and the corners square.
  5. Once rolled, preform a four-fold on the dough. Meaning: fold the two shorter sides of the dough to the center, and then fold in half. Much like a four fold wallet.
  6. It should look like the above after your first four fold. Mark the dough with a dimple (or dimples) so you can remember which 4-fold you're on. We've completed the first four fold here so I'm poking it just once. Allow the dough to rest in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic for 30-45 minutes (don't rush this process in the freezer, you're not just allowing the dough to chill but the gluten to rest so it is capable of stretching and creating all those wonderful layers).
  7. Once rested, turn the dough 90 degrees and roll it out again into the sheet pan sized rectangle, keeping the edges straight and the corners sharp. Preform a second four fold, mark the dough with two dimples, wrap and allow to rest again for 30 minutes.
  8. Repeat this two more times for a total of four four-folds, turning the dough 90 degrees each time. Allow to rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator after each folding and before using.
  9. Now you've got puff pastry! You can roll it out into sheets, fold it, wrap it and store it in the freezer for future use.