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Falafel crush

(post, Susan Kellen)

My new friend W. recently invited me to her beautiful carriage house apartment for lunch.  She served an excellent homemade vegetable soup, followed by falafel (which, at 46 years old, I had never tried). It was amazing. She said it was in the Israeli style, with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, dill pickles and tahini sauce. I am in love. I went searching for a recipe that doesn't require deep-frying, because deep-frying is high-calorie, messy, and a scary venture.  I found a Mollie Katzen recipe on this website (culinate). I'm going to try the recipe, since I trust Mollie. 

I noticed that if I created an account with, I could save recipes, add them to my "want to make" queue, and write a BLOG. Who'd have thought I'd be writing my very first blog post within five minutes of signing up?  

Blogging is lame.  Who wants to read someone's boring thoughts? Not me.  I don't even want to write them.  But here I am.  Thanks, W., for your creative inspiration and your heavenly falafel.