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Back to My Roots: Responsible Eating – Week of 3.6.10

(post, Lisa Becker Shea)

This morning, as I eat my cage free eggs and walnut-raisin cinnamon bread, I’m elated that we are well into March; the sun shines as a harbinger of warm Spring days to come.  It also dawned on me that March means National Nutrition Month (NNM), an annual reminder from the American Dietetic Association that nutrition is a key component to living life to its fullest.  To think that we need a reminder.  Hm.

When I worked as a clinical dietitian in various hospitals early in my career, National Nutrition Month inspired educational campaigns in the cafeteria and in the community on the theme du jour.  I loved to create educational pieces and presentations, watching eyes light up with understanding and motivation.  This year’s theme, “Nutrition From the Ground Up,” aligns perfectly to this blog; a simple phrase affirming that good nutrition should be simple and varied, much like the food that is grown from the soil of American farms, which, unfortunately, are at risk, due in part to an industrial revolution fueled with political controversy.

I recently blogged about the benefits of ‘tweeting.’ A large reason I hopped on the Twitter bandwagon is to reconnect to a network of health promoters and dietitians that I have lost touched with after switching career paths.  For me, “Nutrition From the Ground Up” is yet another opportunity to rediscover and promote sound nutrition principles and confirm my commitment to a more sustainable food system through my own behaviors.  Key messages from this year’s campaign that are often reflected on this blog include:

     Look for locally grown produce that’s in season.
     Introduce new foods.
    * Start with the basics – eating right doesn’t have to be complicated.

So while I typically take this post as an opportunity to display progress on incorporating local, seasonal foods into my diet through recipes and dialogue, I thought I’d stray from this style of food diary and venture back to my roots.  While I may not see your eyes light up as you read this post, I’m comforted knowing that the Association that I’ve been a member since college is helping dietitians across the country accomplish this feat.  As I look to continue implementing some of these NNM key messages in my own life, I hope this blog inspires others to do the same.  And I’m off to the Piazza Farmer’s Market…