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Adventurous another word for crazy

(post, Lisa Garrison)

Perhaps not.  I guess it depends on your perspective. This past week I was at site where one day for lunch, they cooked raccoon. I was in the kitchen when this large pan was pulled out of the oven. At first I thought ribs. Then, no, that's a small animal. It was slow cooked BBQ raccoon. When offered some, I though, well how often will I get the chance for raccoon by someone who really knows how to cook it. The meat is very dark and tasted like pot roast. I doubt most people would know if they were not told. 

So I can check this off my life experiences list. I doubt I will go out of my way to find and cook a raccoon as am certain I may be the only one who would eat it. 

This all reminds me of a recent episode I heard on public radio about the food or specifically meat we eat is based on culture - what we consider ok. This can vary a lot. It can also change over time. I have an old Gourmet cookbook (1950) that has recipes for woodchuck. 

So when we are all trying to be more thrifty and conscience about the food we eat, I wonder if these old or country dishes will return