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Celery, Cashew & Sherry Soup

(post, Esperanza Rossi)

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I never quite know what to do with celery.  I usually buy a bunch when I need to use a couple of stalks for a recipe, and then I am stuck with the rest of the bunch.  Too often those lonely forgotten stalks have languished in my fridge, turning paler and more rubbery by the day.  And too frequently have I discovered them, in the midst of a fridge cleaning frenzy, at the bottom of our produce drawer, withered to the point of inedible.  A couple of weeks ago when we got a beautiful bunch of young celery in our CSA box, I was actually prepared with a recipe for Cream of Celery Soup with Sherry by Dana Jacobi.  I was a bit skeptical that celery as the main ingredient could produce a flavorful soup, but the sherry really complements the celery and gives this simple soup a delicate richness...Read More