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Benefits of Shopping the Farmers Market:

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Naples is fortunate to have a variety of farms that provide high quality products. Consumers that value fresh food and a working landscape should support local produces. Here are some of the reasons. 

•	Locally grown food tastes and looks better. The crops are picked at their peak and have not been sitting in warehouses.
•	Local food is more nutritious. The shorter the time between farm and your table the less likely it is that nutrients will be lost.
•	Local food preserves genetic diversity. Smaller farms can grow a variety of products without worrying about shipping time and shelf life. 
•	Local food is safe. Local farmers take pride in the product and hope that the customer will return each week. We are not anonymous and Farmers take their responsibility seriously.
•	Local food sales supports local families. Often wholesale prices are near the price of production. By cutting the cost of the middleman and producer receives a better return which helps keep families on the farm.
•	Local food builds community. Local vendors often share stories, recipes and information which helps you, your children and your grandchildren learn about nature and agriculture.
•	Buying locally cuts down on pollution by reducing the miles reliance on imported foods, which are often shipped or flown from foreign countries.

What are you waiting for?  Visit your local Farmers' Market.