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On the road

(article, Caroline Cummins)

You're tooling down the highway. Or you're visiting a new town. And you'd really, really like to avoid fast food. What's a modern websurfer to do?  

Fear not, other like-minded folk have gotten there before you. Jonesing for a cup of non-corporate java? Try Espresso Map, subtitled "Find Excellent Espresso in North America," for coffee-shop options in such unexpected spots as Saskatchewan, Nebraska, and western Pennsylvania. There's also the Delocator, which lets you search for independent coffeehouses by ZIP code.

If you're hungry, check out Local Harvest and the Eat Well Guide, both of which list organic options ranging from restaurants and stores to farmers' markets and farms.

There's always the monster message board Chowhound, of course. And certain beloved foods – sandwiches, chocolate, etc. – have sites dedicated just to them. Try the New York Pizza Finder, a work-in-progress listing approved New York-style pizzerias around the country. Or Eat Sushi, an all-things-sushi site with a searchable database and the oddly apt slogan "Taste the Web."