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Breakfast sausage bomb

(post, Lisa Garrison)

I rarely totally mess up a recipe but I did this one. Tried to make breakfast sausage at home. This is my second attempt a sausage. The first was a pork and leek fresh sausage recipe I got from a friend. This one turned out ok but I had problems with using the kitchen aid mixer as a grinder. So found a "professional" grinder on sale and decided to give it a go. Grinding the meat is still a mess and I had to clean the machine several time. However, this time I put too much salt in the meat and could not fix it. I actually followed the recipe and used the same salt I used for the leek sausage. Next time (note to self) put 1/2 the salt in with the cubed meat and add more once its ground if needed. Also did not taste much like breakfast sausage. So I am going to use it to cook with like salt pork.  

Making some chard with the sausage mixed in for dinner. Hopefully this will work.  Lentils sound like another good candidate. 

Guess I need to stick with the day job.........

time for wine