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Big Creek Butcher shop is finally open for Business

(post, Lisa Garrison)

After looking the building/business close to a year ago, the purchase of the butcher shop was finally complete this week. So now I am part owner with my brother. For some reason I cannot help but think of the movie, "I married and ax murder".  However the shop is in Texas and I am in KC.  So I read about meat, animal care, charcuterie, grass fed beef, etc.  My brother does the real day to day work.  

I am actually a bit conflicted about this business of killing animals. Logic vs emotions - they dont always work together. I am not a vegetarian but joke that I may become the first vegetarian butcher.  Thus I read all I can about the subject. It helps. That and not having to do the processing. 

The first few days of business have been good and my brother sounds very happy. Hopefully this will work out for him and he will happy. Neither of us have any experience in this business so we have alot to learn - might be fun!

Now time for a glass of wine........