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Reimagined German Chocolate Cake and Baklava Redux

(post, Jenny Weber)

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The German Chocolate Cake is the same.  But I am a lazy baker sometimes and so I didn't want to put together the traditional German Chocolate Frosting. And, truth be told, I don't think it looks too appetizing.  So the sweetened coconut flakes and some ground pecans went into the cake batter. And instead I put together a mocha frosting for its top. The next time I will try a buttercream or an even lighter topping to sweeten the lighter cake.

A week ago a request was made for an apple pie, which I gladly made, but there remained a good 10 inch diameter portion of patee brisee.  Another pie I did not want to make.  After visiting Arthur Avenue and producing a bottle of Pistacchi, I opted to bring the flavors I love of the baklava into something less traditional looking and formed.  I rolled two long rectangles of the dough, brushed each with melted butter, spread a layer of pistacchio cream on to the bottom layer, topped it with ground walnuts and a blend of sugar, cinnamon, and lemon peel.  On top went the other rectangle of brushed dough.  The edges folded and fluted, the top scored and seasoned with more walnuts and more cinnamon sugar and into the oven it went. When all was done, and while still on its baking sheet, I poured a simple honey syrup all over and let it soak for a good four hours. Heavenly and divine. And to be repeated.