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Food on the air

(article, Culinate staff)

Lately we've been trolling through the well-laid-out Web archives of National Public Radio's food reporting. Housed under a blandly titled department known simply as '"Food,"' NPR's culinary efforts include the ingredient-focused '"Kitchen series as well as food-related stories from such radio shows as "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition." Oh, and the online photography is lovely, too — rather refreshing, coming from radio folks.

NPR categorizes its weekly Kitchen Window series under "opinion," but we'd call it "personal reporting." Check out such stories as a call to reconsider anchovies, tips for using alcohol in cooking, and a memoir about cooking in France.

Other stories in the "Food" department include a profile of a food-cart vendor proffering Indian street food in California and the latest dessert trend: French-style macaroons. (Yes, we love those delicate little cookies, too, but former trend queen the cupcake is still easier to make.)

Want more? You can listen to the audio originals of most of the stories via NPR's website.