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Rutabaga Retraction!

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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Dear Readers,   

Although I’m a “vegetable ignoramus,” I do strive for accuracy in my veggie posts.  Last week I wrote about rutabagas and told you I found it difficult to tell rutabagas apart from purple top turnips.  Turns out, my confusion was worse than I thought.  The picture I posted and labeled as rutabagas was actually a picture of purple top turnips. An astute reader and vegetable expert noticed my error and gently corrected me….(thank you!) 

Pictures in last week’s post have been corrected, and this week, I offer you my rutabaga vs. purple top turnip comparison to clear up any confusion. In case you’re wondering, I swear, I really did EAT a rutabaga last week!  And it was good! 

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