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Dinner tonight - Buffalo pasta & carmelized carrots

(post, Lesley Stratton)

So tonight I threw together a quick dinner. I took a pound of ground buffalo we had lying around, cooked it, added some premade vodka sauce and some precooked pieces of broccoli. I ended up adding more broccoli, as I wanted plenty of green in the sauce and I've been increasing my vegetable intake. The sauce got tossed with some whole wheat fusilli, yum!

But the real star of the dinner was the carmelized carrots. Lately my husband and I have been following a vegetable trend - take a vegetable, chop it up, toss it with some salt, oil, and cumin, throw it in a very hot oven and wah la! You have a tasty vegetable dish! This one used cumin seeds, kosher salt and olive oil (and the carrots were peeled). And true to the format, came out very tasty. Of special note was that the carrot were starting to lose their integrity, getting kind of soft and unpleasant. But after going through the carmelization process, you'd never know they had been on their last legs.