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Monday Dose of Market: In Season Local Market

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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A new market has opened in Northwest Denver, with the motto “If it’s not from here, it’s not in here.”  I had the chance to stop by this weekend and chat with In Season Local Market co-owner, Todd Stevenson.  The proud parent of a one year old and four year old, he began paying much more attention to food when it came to shopping for his kids.  When searching for organic fruits and vegetables, he was dismayed to find selections that had travelled from far away places, like Chile, when he knew there were local growers with similar products.  Produce policies in the larger stores can make it difficult for small local farmers and large stores to be a good match. 

In Season Local Market, located at 3210 Wyandot Street in Denver, has a nice selection of products, despite only having 180 square feet of retail space.  Todd has big plans for their outdoor patio space when the weather warms up.  He envisons a farmers’ market type display of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Here's a sampling of what the market has to offer:

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