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 h1. Dear readers,
 In the forecast for February: Lots of TV time. (You know who you are, Super Bowl and Olympics fans.) Lynne Sampson Curry's [/articles/features/hotdips?utmsource=NL20100203&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Hotdips&utmcampaign=HereComesFeb "recipes for hot dips"] — one featuring [/recipes/collections/Contributors/lynnesampsoncurry/hotdungenesscrabdip?utmsource=NL20100203&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Dungenesscrab&utmcampaign=HereComesFeb "Dungeness crab,"] the other, [/recipes/collections/Contributors/lynnesampsoncurry/hotbaconandbluecheesespinachdip?utmsource=NL20100203&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Baconbluecheese&utmcampaign=HereComesFeb "spinach, blue cheese, and bacon"] — are good enough to turn into dinner with your favorite remote (and yes, I'm speaking from experience). 

 Of course, no one would complain if there were a batch of Cindy Pawlcyn's [/books/collections/allbooks/cindypawlcynsappetizers/blackpepperandgarlicchickenwings?utmsource=NL20100203&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Chickenwings&utmcampaign=HereComesFeb "Black Pepper and Garlic Chicken Wings"] to eat alongside. 

 And for dessert? Deborah Madison's gorgeous [/recipes/collections/Contributors/Deborah+Madison/tangerinepudding?utmsource=NL20100203&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Tangerinepudding&utmcampaign=HereComesFeb "Tangelo-Tangerine Pudding"] will give everyone reason to get up off the couch — if only to find a spoon. 

 So here's to champion cooking and champion nibbling. 

 Now get out there!
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Hank Sawtelle answers your questions about making bagels and storing bread."
story2id: 264224 
story2text: "A vegan version of Haiti's celebration soup — a gift of the heart."

recipe1id: 264296
recipe1text: "From her book, 'Puff,' Martha Holmberg's take on meat pie isn't quick, but it is delicious." 
recipe2id: 184910
recipe2text: "This dessert, from the chefs at Rancho de Puerta, is lighter than it looks."

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