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The Guidelines

(post, Maggie Restivo)

I have finally decided on some personal guidelines for the 40 days of vegging out. Being that I am in my 10 week protein class at school I will not be able to cut meat completely out of my diet. However, that is not the point of this challenge. This personal challenge is about cooking a variety of satisfying vegetarian meals at home over a lengthy period of time. Keeping that in mind I have decided on a few guidelines to follow for this challenge.

1) The only meat I will eat is what we cook at school. I will take the smallest portion possible.

2) I will only consume eggs and dairy products that can be bought from a local farm, directly from the farm itself. 

3) No seafood

4) I can only consume fruits, vegetables and grains that I can purchase from a local farmers market.

5) Tofu is an exception to rule #4.

6) I will do my absolute best to eliminate all processed foods from my diet. If it is advertised on TV or can be purchased at a Wal-Mart/ other national chain store I will not eat it. 

I think these are a few good rules to abide by during this challenge. The real challenge is going to be that I still do not have a car (it has been so long since my accident in October that it is almost normal to NOT drive. Oh well, saving the world one carpool at a time!) so I will be relying on my trusty, loving sidekick/boyfriend Sam to get me to and from the Soulard Farmer's Market every Saturday morning.