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Why is recycling important?

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Recycling is basically the process of using waste material and processing it in order to create a new product. The basic aim of recycling is to reduce the consumption of new sources of energy and is generally a form of waste management technique. Recycling is basically a part of the waste management hierarchy which says “reduce, reuse and recycle”. 

The materials which can be recycled are glass, electronic, paper, textiles, plastic and metal. The process of recycling is broadly divided into three main categories that include collection of waste, manufacturing of new product and the purchasing. Recycling is good for the environment, and if more and more people make use of it, we can then definitely deal with the problem of global warming. 

The importance of recycling cannot be denied and there are various reasons why we should opt for it:  

1) For Saving Energy: Recycling is primarily done to save energy as it is a great technique of saving large amounts of energy. Recycling is done from used products which in turn help in saving the new material from being used. Therefore it is considered as an excellent environment friendly way for saving energy. 

2) For Reducing the Pollution Level: Recycling results in saving the environmental condition along with reducing the level of pollution. All these factors contribute to a large extent towards preventing the global warming. 

3) For Saving the Natural Resources: Recycling is the process of using the old used material to build a new product. Therefore processing the recycled product saves the natural resources in a large way. Proper recycling is the answer to a sustained economic development. 

4) Economic Advantages: Recycling is not just beneficial for the environment but it is also an advantage for the pocket. There are various economic benefits attached to recycling and the core reason being that it helps in saving the manufacture of a new product from a “virgin material”. Therefore, it adds to the economic development to a great extent.

5) For Saving Waste Disposal Space: By now you must be aware that the process of recycling involves the collection the waste material in one place and then processing it for the manufacture of a new product. Since most of the waste material is used in recycling therefore it also saves the space for waste disposal. If a non-biodegradable waste keeps on getting collected over a site, then it takes thousands of years to decompose. So, the best solution is to recycle it. 

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