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Bubbly Anyone?

(post, Melissa Hamidi)

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This weekend we found some beautiful blood oranges and pomogranate, so I decided to create a Sunday Brunch beverage we could sip. This summer I fell in love with Prosecco, inspired by my friend in the North End of Boston. I found it is a wonderful, bubbly, libation that pares well with fruit flavors.

Blood Orange Spritz
Using one, small, blood orange, carefully peel making sure to remove as much of the bitter pith as possible. Adding segments, squeeze in a hand-held juicer to release the juice, catching in your glass of choice. (We prefer martini).Take the remaining orange slices, put them in a seive, and continue to mascerate breaking down the orange flesh, and releasing more flavor. Add 3 slices of the mascerated orange to your glass. Top with Prosecco of choice, and enjoy!

Pomagranate Spritz
Carefully remove the arils from a pomagranate and place in a bowl. Spoon 1 Tbsp. of the seeds into a martini glass. Top with Prosecco and watch the party begin! As you sip this, you will enjoy the burst of fruit as it mixes with this fresh, sparkling, beverage. Certain to delight your tastebuds.....