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Vegging Out

(post, Maggie Restivo)

This week at culinary school we did some vegetarian cooking. A vegetarian life style has always seemed like a huge challenge to me. When I go out to eat I never see many vegetarian options. When I do see vegetarian menu item they rarely seem original or well thought out. Today in class me made a delicious vegetarian lasagna. While we were sitting in the break area eating  a few fellow students and myself started discussing how hard it would be to feed ourselves satisfying vegetarian meals for an extended period of time. Then the discussion took an unexpected (not really) turn to about how lent was coming up. So a few of us have challenged ourselves to eat vegetarian (school meals not withstanding, we just started our proteins phase so it's going to be 10 weeks of meat at school.) for all of Lent. 

That's 40 days and nights of no beef, chicken, pork, lamb, or fish. 
We have decided to be ovo-lacto-vegetarians so eggs, milk and cheese are still a go. Everyone needs a good personal challenge so this one will be ours. We have a little time to gather recipes and prepare so if any of you vegetarians out there have any advice feel free to unload!