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Considering Cabbage

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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Coleslaw and Cabbage Patch Kids were my only experience with cabbage as a kid.  Except I didn’t actually eat the coleslaw (or the Cabbage Patch Kids), I just pushed it around on my plate.  Unless it was on top of a barbecued pork sandwich (vinegar style, of course) from Kepleys in High Point, North Carolina, my parents’ barbecue joint of choice since it opened in the 50s.  But their slaw was chopped up so fine, if there was an offensive vegetable in there, I didn’t know it.  And I certainly didn’t know that it was made out of cabbage.   It was some mysterious vegetable named “cole.”  

I’ve been noticing cabbage at the farmers’ markets for quite awhile now. 

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