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Meat-eating vegetarians

(article, Culinate staff)

The food department of Newsweek recently chastised well-known vegetarians for going flexitarian: eating the occasional piece of (grass-fed, sustainably raised, organic, etc.) flesh. 

Who does the magazine go after? Cookbook writer Mollie Katzen, for one, whose new cookbook, Get Cooking, has a recipe for, among other things, beef stew. Food blogger Tara Austen Weaver, for another, whose new book is called The Butcher and the Vegetarian.

Newsweek_ writer Jennie Yabroff — sidestepping the question of whether increased demand for sustainably raised meat can, in turn, reform the American meat industry — condemns these former vegetarians for their choices: 

bq. While it's true that sustainably raised, grass-fed beef may be better for the consumer, it's hard to argue that it's ultimately better for the cow . . . And if these organic farm animals have such great lives, isn't the more humane thing to eat a cage-raised, industrially processed chicken? At least we'd be putting it out of its misery.