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Golden Beets. Better Than Cabbage.

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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After tasting my first roasted golden beet, I began plumbing the depths of my brain to determine when it had been programmed that beets taste bad.  TV?  Movies?  My parents?  Is it instinct?  Maybe a hypothalamic beet reflex, so that when the word ‘beet’ is heard an automatic ‘YUCK!’ is released in return? 

Nowadays, a beet makes us think of the beet root, the bulbous below-ground part of the beet plant.  Beets were eaten mainly for their greens thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean region, the root only becoming of interest in the second and third centuries.  A notation in a Roman recipe stated, “better than cabbage.”  Not a huge endorsement.

The first time I saw a beet, I was flushed with freedom of choice at a make-your-own salad bar. Read more at The Weekly Veggie. Thanks for visiting!