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January 5 2010 Market

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Happy New Year!

I must admit that I was very happy not to be running a market last Tuesday. We are under cover but the drive home would have been a mess. I hope not too many of you were caught up in a long trip home.

You should find a decent selection of root vegetables this week. Winter greens like kale, spinach and chard should be available too. The snow level has moved up over the last few weeks so Bill may have been able to harvest some hedgehogs this week. Nonetheless, he will have shiitake and maitake mushrooms too. Packer Orchards was planning on coming this week with apples, pears and baked goods (including a few new items.) Unfortunately, the water line in the bakery failed in three places so the Packers busy reassembling the kitchen. They will be back next week. 

The expected availability list can be found here. I'll post Savory et Sweet's menu as soon as I receive it. See you at the market!