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New Years Southern Caviar with Greens

(recipe, Bluebird Farmers Market & CSA)

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Focus on a colorful beginning for a New Year promising prosperity and fortune by serving delicious farm fresh Southern Caviar with Greens.


  1. 1 bag of dried black eyed peas from the garden
  2. ½ cup each of red and green peppers
  3. ½ cup hot peppers, deseeded
  4. ½ cup chopped onion
  5. 1 clove of garlic, chopped fine
  6. Dressing:
  7. ¾ cup extra virgin olive oil
  8. ½ cup Balsamic Vinegar
  9. 1 Tbsp. Crystal Hot Sauce
  10. sea salt and ground black pepper to taste
  11. Sliced and marinated bell peppers and onions for garnish


  1. Slice thin the bell peppers and onions and marinate in the olive oil and vinegar dressing covered in plastic wrap in the refrigerator.
  2. Soak peas overnight. Cook until tender. Drain well.
  3. Chop remaining peppers, onion and garlic.
  4. Add peas to peppers and onion.
  5. Pour marinade over peas and peppers and stir.
  6. Adjust flavors with Crystal Hot Sauce, sea salt and black pepper.
  7. Serve with oven toasted tortillas on farm fresh cooked Collard Greens.