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Pamamisu follow-up

(post, Maggie Restivo)

I just found out this afternoon that the recipe developed by a fellow classmate and myself was selected by a panel of PAMA Cooking Contest Judges to advance to the final judging!!! I have to say that I am pretty gosh darn proud of Eric and myself. We had about 30 roughly 3 days from the time we found out about the contest until the time we had to submit our recipes. We only had one shot at getting it right and had to hope like heck that our brains and our palettes were on the same page. 

We are truly honored apart of the final 20 recipes to be selected for judging. There are so many fantastic recipes in the final 20! I am still shocked that two culinary students in their 21st week of culinary and only their 11th week of baking could produce something like this! 

Cooking is so much fun!!!

Also, I believe I have found the quintessential anger management technique: breaking down a whole chicken. I was incredibly upset last night and coped with it by breaking down a whole chicken, stuffing the breasts with goat cheese and basil for dinner, and making stock for chicken noodle soup (which is dinner tonight). I felt a ton better afterward.

Happy Holidays, I hope yours are as fun and exciting as my day has been today!