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Boxing Day Toasted Sandwich with Watercress and Avocado Salad

(post, Cara Montgomery)

One of few culinary privileges of living in South Florida, if one is a vegetarian and not always going on about crab leg season, is the winter Greenmarket, where heirloom tomatoes, upland cress, flavorful herbs and citrus fruit abound. While not making August in Florida any less miserable, it is pleasant to have a glut of real tomatoes when everyone else in America is on squash and rutabaga rations. However, I think this grilled sandwich is a terrific antidote to whatever huge meal was eaten on Christmas Day- light but flavorful, and as as simple as turning on the toaster.

Sliced whole grain bread
good Stilton cheese, crumbled- not hard and yellow but creamy ( sometimes available at Whole Foods Market in the holidays)
Sliced tomatoes
Torn basil leaves
Salt and pepper

Layer the sandwich with cheese, then the tomato slices and the basil. Salt and pepper. Put in the toaster under broil and watch carefully. The cheese will melt quickly and you won't want the basil to burn. It will all melt nicely together like any toasted sandwich. Serve immediately with a watercress and avocado salad, flavored with a light vinaigrette- I like raspberry vinegar in mine, and a sprinkling of fresh or dried tarragon.