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Copenhagen cooking

(article, Culinate staff)

Through December 18, the world's leaders are meeting in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a summit that, ostensibly, will result in collective global action of some sort about global warming. As Prince Charles pointed out recently in Newsweek, the summit isn't just about, you know, carbon dioxide; it's about the interconnectedness of all of our global troubles, including food:

bq. Yet even when the basic science of climate change has been accepted by almost all scientists, many others still seem to think that it is unfounded, and that the world has more important questions to address. Reducing poverty, increasing food production, combating terrorism, and sustaining economic recovery are seen as more deserving of our attention. But this is a false choice, for climate change is not an alternative priority to all of these; it is in fact a "risk multiplier," a factor that will undermine our ability to achieve any of these things.

Short story? Take action now to reverse global warming, and our grandkids might actually be able to eat dinner.