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How to Eat

(book, Nigella Lawson)

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h4. From the publisher

How to Eat captures Nigella Lawson’s bold kitchen credo and entirely personal approach to the often daunting task of preparing great meals. Replacing the austere perfection of glossy photos with down-to-earth kitchen sense, How to Eat offers up 350 simple, delectable recipes, destined to instill confidence and creativity. 

It covers cooking basics (from preparing mayonnaise, soup stock, and pastry dough), conundrums (using leftovers, what to put in the freezer, low-fat menus), and cooking for every occasion (weekend lunches, in advance, eating alone or as a pair, or feeding kids) with practical anecdotes and cooking lore. 

A thoroughly livable approach to building skills and a repertoire of favorites, How to Eat is the best friend any lover of food can introduce to his or her kitchen.