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(article, Mark Douglas)

Want to make the most of your gift-giving this season? Leverage your December shopping dollars to help feed the hungry in America.

During the month of December, Culinate will donate all of its commission revenues (which range from four to seven percent of the purchase price) from both and Powell's Books to Feeding America, an organization that dispenses money to feed the hungry in all 50 states, and the Oregon Food Bank that serves Oregon and Southern Washington\.

[%image reference-image float=right width=400 caption="Buy a gift, help relieve hunger."]Buy books and any other items using our links to Amazon or Powell's Books on Culinate before midnight on December 31, 2009, and we'll donate 100 percent of the commission we receive.

Here's what to do:

 Use this Amazon link, or this Powell's link, and any purchase you subsequently make — books, kitchen equipment, heck, flat-screen TVs — will help the cause. 
 Help spread the word by sharing this link, (links.

Finally, because I am excited about this cause, I'm pledging a matching gift of $250.  Interested in a making a pledge yourself?  Send me a note at — let's talk!

Every little bit adds up to making a big difference\, and we thank you.  

h6. \ If there are other specific Food Banks you would like us to consider for a portion of this donation, please send an email to so it can be considered at month's end.


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