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Reasons Why Fast Food Chains Serve Unhealthy Dishes

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Whenever people are on the rush, they haste away for the best possible solutions. Like for example, going up early for school or work puts us in a daze - morning activities like brushing and eating our breakfast are combined for a mere 5-minutes. Now that's what you call "fast."

How about the rush hour traffic and the long queue lines during lunchtime? During lunch breaks, fast foods offer the kind of service usually absent from class-A restaurants or cheap food stands for that matter. There is a huge disparity and in between, crew members welcome their customers with warm smiles and accommodating attitudes.

However, sites like are flaming some fast food dishes who are pushing the envelope further in terms of nutritional standards. In accordance to people breaking their backs trying to "grab some grub," fast foods are the pragmatic choice in terms of flavor and affordability.

As they say, the more delicious the food is, the more intense its preservatives are. Here are reasons why fast foods are the leading source of culinary disasters and body diseases.

1.Fast foods are fast - Each dish is served under the fastest time possible and does not contain high-quality of nutrition. The greasy fries and crispy fried chicken are heart attacks on a platter and more are produced each minute.

2.Crew member issues - Believing that the workers practice hygiene is ridiculous. Most cooks enter the kitchen dirty and while the pressure of work gets to them, they respond quickly disregarding the health of the paying customers.

3.By-products - The butchered animals contain artificial feeds in their innards and harms the consumer within. KFC and Jack in the Box are prominent examples of fast food chains offering delicious but unhealthy fried delicacies.

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