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(article, Kim Carlson)

While any time of year is a good time to appreciate tasty and nourishing food, the holidays — a.k.a. the feasting season — may be an especially good time to pause and appreciate fair food. 

Now with Fair Food: Field to Table, a Web documentary produced by Rick Nahmias in collaboration with the California Institute for Rural Studies, we can all learn more about how a rising tide of justice may lift us toward just that: food that's been harvested by well-treated and fairly paid workers.

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Fair Food involves three short films and a raft of resource material. Nahmias, a photographer whose [/books/collections/allbooks/themigrantproject "previous work"] has explored the lives of migrant laborers, says that as much as he's looking at current-day farmworker issues, he's also looking for answers: "Replicable solutions and best practices that consumers, growers, students, businesses, and others can adapt to ensure that equitable treatment of farm labor becomes a permanent part of the local, sustainable, and fair-food movements."

Taken together, the films and website present a forward-thinking, optimistic view of better farmworker conditions, and invite educators to spread the word about how everyone — from consumers to growers to the workers themselves — can take part.

The first film uses photos, narration, and music to explore the current situation of farmworkers:

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The second film, in turn, profiles a host of growers who have managed to be fair employers and turn a profit:

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Finally, the third film depicts a number of advocacy groups working for fair food:

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Want more information? Head over to the Fair Food Project website to find links, news events, and educator materials. 

To see more of Rick Nahmias' work, check out his recent [/articles/features/migrantprojectslideshow "slide show" newpage=true] on Culinate, with its unforgettable photos of the migrant workers who harvest food in the United States.

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