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My Chocolate Bars

(book, Anne Deblois)

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h4. From the publisher

In recent years, chocolate-bar varieties have multiplied, ideas and inventions abound in the chocolate industry, and the chocolate-bar section in stores just keeps growing. We are clearly far from the first chocolate bar, created in 1840 and eaten for its medicinal properties. Today, chocolate is an everyday food, with Europeans eating an average of 15 pounds of it every year.

In My Chocolate Bars, Anne Deblois offers 50 recipes for chocolate bars, with superb, sensual, and colorful illustrations that whet the appetite. Inside, you'll discover tips and step-by-step recommendations for choosing the best products and equipment, detailed information about production techniques to succeed in making your own bars easily, and recipes both traditional (with hazelnuts, toasted almonds, nougatine, orange zest, etc.) and original (carambar, chile pepper, ginger candied lemon, matcha tea, and more). 

Not only will delicious aromas fill your kitchen, but you can finally control how much fat, sugar, and milk your chocolate bars have. Make them for yourself, your family, and your friends.