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Monday Dose of Market: Cornucopia of Local, Part 1

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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I gave myself a pep talk on the drive to Boulder.  When anticipating an event, rather than going in with low or high expectations, I try to go in with none whatsoever.  This way, rather than wallowing in disappointment or basking in glory, I can take in the event as it is in that moment.

Well, that sounds good.  But really, I waffled between high and low expectations for the Cornucopia of Local Market sponsored by the  Boulder Farmers’ Market, Boulder Independent Bussiness Association, and the Boulder Outlook Hotel.  Low because it has snowed more than once this fall in Colorado which could severely curtail vegetable availability, and high, well, because it’s Boulder.   As I pulled into the parking lot of the Boulder Outlook Hotel after ignoring the directions my GPS gave me and taking a wrong turn,  my expectation meter hovered at low–until I saw the smiling faces of the market-goers carrying bags loaded for their Thanksgiving table

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