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Find a 'sustainable-food' job

(article, Culinate staff)

If you're a job-seeker who's primarily interested in working for a nonprofit organization doing sustainable-food-related work, you'll probably want to check out the listings on Sustainable Food Jobs, a blog recently begun by a resourceful woman named Claire, in New England:

bq. As a recent graduate looking to branch into the world of sustainable food, I had a difficult time knowing where to look for the most up-to-date job opportunities available. Typically, job listings are dispersed among environmental conservation and individual non-profit websites. But what if job seekers . . . aren’t familiar with all of the non-profits that specialize in sustainable food? That is where this website comes in! It will provide job seekers with the most up-to-date job opportunities available in the domestic sustainable food sector.

If you are a nonprofit employer, you can send job openings to Claire at sustainablefoodjobs \[at\] gmail \[dot\] com; farms, too, can send job openings, although people interested specifically in opportunities for farming may have better success at other websites, such as WWOOF. 

Also, you can find listings on Twitter: @sustainablefoodjobs.