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Supermmunity: Prevent viruses & flus using natural vitamins and Superfoods

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This week I'm bringing a free Teleconference to everyone interested in using the natural power of Superfoods to prevent common flu viruses naturally.  Plus, Superfoods can boost brain chemistry, increase energy, sharpen memory, reduce child obesity and promote regularity.  Tune in from the comfort of your home to learn how, where, when and why to begin incorporating organic “living” foods and dairy-free treats into your family’s daily routine.

Date: November 18 (Wednesday)
Time: 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT
Cost: Free!

Superfoods have proven power to boost immunity, fight depression, relieve stress and increase overall health. But how exactly do we fall in love with kale, raw cacao and berries like acai and goji? I'll show you how using surprisingly delicious, simple treats that appeal to your inner-most food cravings like sweet, salty an savory.  

Here's the best part: I use ridiculously yummy, healthy desserts and smoothies -- for kids and adults.  Yes, I'm sharing my best healthy recipes and boy are they fast!  

Register and attend this free teleconference and win a chance at $100 worth of healthy dessert ingredients -- a complete Superfood dessert and smoothie starter kit.  Don't miss it!  Learn more or sign up now by clicking here!
Diana Raleva is the authority on healthy lifestyles using Superfoods. She's proving that "good for us" foods like goji berries and raw chocolate (cacao) DO taste good, offer remarkable health benefits and the same comforts, pleasures and indulgences of "unhealthy food.”   She’s a popular women's health speaker bringing un-pretentious, cost-effective tips to caregivers who are ready to take action on natural forms of preventative health care.