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Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce

(recipe, Sarah Wassberg)


I invented this one on the fly last Thanksgiving, and it was amazing! The pomegranate seeds really add a burst of fresh sweetness, but the bitter-tart flavor of the cranberries still shines through, without being overly tart or overpowered by sweetness. It makes a lot though, so feel free to halve the recipe.


  1. 2 16.0 oz. bags fresh cranberries
  2. 2 navel oranges
  3. 1 apple (such as braeburn or northern spy)
  4. ½ to 1 cup brown sugar
  5. ½ tsp. ground ginger
  6. ¼ cup water
  7. seeds of one pomegranate


  1. Thoroughly wash and sort the cranberries, discarding any bruised or punctured ones. Peel and roughly chop the oranges (if you like extra orange flavor in your sauce, you may also zest the oranges first). Peel and finely chop the apple. Combine the first six ingredients in a stockpot (mine is 4 quart) and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer with lid off until cranberry skins burst, fruit is soft, apple has disappeared, and the sauce is thick. Adjust sugar and ginger as desired.
  2. While sauce is cooking, deseed one pomegranate. Score the skin with a paring knife into wedges, then peel chunks off. Gently remove the seeds over/in a large bowl of cold water. The cold water will float the pith and the bad seeds (usually a white/brown color) and the good seeds will sink to the bottom. The water also helps prevent staining of your hands and counter top from the red juice. When finished, discard the pith, peel, and bad seeds, and drain the water off.
  3. When the sauce has cooled to about room temperature, stir in the seeds (you don't want them to cook). Chill and serve with roast meat like turkey or pork, or serve as a light, palate-cleansing fruit salad.