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Mother's Best

(book, Lisa Schroeder & Danielle Centoni)

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h4. From the publisher

If you find yourself yearning for the uncomplicated, uncommonly tasty meals your mom used to serve up, straight from the oven, this luscious collection of recipes will help you revisit a simpler time.

Inspired by the success of her popular restaurant, Mother's Bistro & Bar in Portland, Oregon, author Lisa Schroeder here shares 150 irresistible recipes, from appetizers, soups, and salads to main courses, sides, breakfast, sandwiches, and desserts.

As you flip through this exceptional book, the amazing variety of ethnic influences will delight you. That's because the author invited mothers here and abroad — from France, Spain, India, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, and Italy — to add their best dishes to the collection.

Mother's Best will soothe the soul and satisfy even the most ravenous appetites. All you have to do is follow the directions and sprinkle in a little TLC.
Poached Pear, Rogue River Blue Cheese, and Hazelnut Salad
Wine-Poached Pears
Belle's Chicken Noodle Soup