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Soy-milk froth

(article, Culinate staff)

As a Texas newspaper recently warned, read your soy-milk labels carefully. Why? Because that box of Silk soy milk formerly marked "organic" might not be anymore. Dean Foods, the Dallas-based maker of the popular Silk brand of soy products, switched the organic milk in January to an "all-natural" milk, but didn't change the product's bar code or box design.

Why should you care? Because, as noted in the comments thread in a recent Marion Nestle post on Food Politics about vegetarian diets, soy milk enhanced with vitamin B12 can be crucial for vegans. Another soy-milk secret: Plenty of the boxed milks — including Silk's Original flavor, but not its Unsweetened — taste appealing because they're enhanced with extra sugar. So take a page from the blog Just Hungry and make your own.